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Self Healing Australia Newsletter -Spring 2021

    Spring Foods


    Spring is the season in which we can feel most inspired and purposeful. On the other hand, we can often fall into old patterns that bring up feelings of anger, frustration, and lack of direction in life.

    Foods that are important for Spring are barley, tempeh, white radish, cabbage, leafy greens, lentils, lemon, pickles, umeboshi plums, and light salty miso soup.

    These foods nourish and cleanse the liver and gall bladder, reduce cholesterol, dissolve fat and mucus, and can help relieve hay fever and premenstrual symptoms.

    Spring Cooking

    With the seasonal change from winter to spring, we tend towards lighter cooking methods. These include boiling, steaming, and stir frying.

    Less oil and seasoning are used as this brings us into harmony with the rising energy of Spring. Vegetables are cut into smaller pieces for quicker cooking and in pressed salads.

    Gomasio and miso condiments can be used in small amounts while barley and wheat are the grains most appropriate at this time.

    If you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere, you can view our Autumn Newsletter here.

    Shiatsu Point for Knee Pain

    Kidney meridian point 10 (HC 6is located  between the tendons on inside of knee crease.

    It is a very good point for symptomatic relief from knee problems.

    Shiatsu Point Therapy

    Using the thumb or finger apply pressure until you feel the soreness in the point.

    Taking deep breaths and maintaining the pressure breathe slowly in and out of the point until you feel the tension and pain disappear.

    Please note:

    The above technique is for symptomatic relief only If symptoms persist please consult a qualified shiatsu therapist for a full treatment.

    shiatsu therapists association of australia logo

    Recipe – Kidney Beans & Kuzu Casserole

    • 1 1/2cups dry kidney beans (soaked overnight)
    • 1 cup onions sliced
    • 1 cup carrot sliced
    • 2 strip kombu (about 5 cm. each)
    • 2 tablespoons rice vinegar
    • 2 tablespoons umeboshi plum vinegar
    • 1 tablespoon grated ginger
    • 2 bay leaf
    • 4 cloves
    • 2 tablespoons kuzu
    • 1 tablespoons sesame oil
    • 1 teaspoon sea salt

      Stir fry the cut onions, then add the kidney beans (soaked overnight, discarding the soaking water). 

      Add the strips of kombu, cloves, bay leaves, grated ginger and cover with water. Let it cook for about 1 hour, or until the beans are soft. 

      Then add the sliced carrots, rice vinegar, plum vinegar and sea salt. Let it simmer for another 15- 20 minutes. Adjust the seasoning.

      Dissolve the kuzu in a little cold water, add it to the beans stirring until it thickens.

      Serve on a bed of rice and steamed vegetables.

      Serves 6.

    Yoga for Spring – Dog Pose

    dog pose

    This pose relieves fatigue, pain and stiffness in the heels, strengthens the ankles and shapes the legs.

    The abdominal muscles are drawn towards the spine and strengthened, and the heart rate slows down.

    • Kneel on your hands and knees
    • Exhale and raise the trunk from the floor. Straighten the arms, move the head inwards towards the feet, keep the elbows straight and extend the back.
    • Keep the legs stiff and do not bend the knees, but try to press the heels down.
    • Remain in the pose for about 1 minute.

    Bach Flower Remedy for Despair

    sweet chestnut pic
    pic reproduced with permission ©

    Sweet Chestnut is the remedy for people who have reached the limits of endurance.

    It may seem as if they have explored all avenues and see no way out of their difficulties. And feel an overwhelming sense of despair.

    The remedy can help renew hope and strength as well as open up the possibility that everything can change, even despair. And sometimes solutions appear when we least expect them.

    General dosage is 4 – 5 drops under the tongue at least 3 times a day, or whenever feeling overwhelmed.

    Aromatherapy Essential Oil – Rosemary

    Rosemary  can provide symptomatic relief from colds, sinusitis, asthma as well as a number of other conditions.

    rosemary essential oil

    Bath: Use 10-15 drops in a tub of water and soak in it for 15 minutes.

    Massage: Blend between 1% and 3% of essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice such as jojoba, almond, peach, apricot, soyabean, sesame, or vegetable oils.

    please note:

    do not apply pure essential oils directly to skin (except for Lavender)
    and never take any essential oils internally.

    Inhalation: Place a few drops of essential oil in an oil burner or small bowl of boiling water to freshen the air and create a special atmosphere.

    Compress: Add 5 drops of essential oil to 200 mls of warm water. Place cloth in the water then wring out and lay over affected area for a few minutes.