Bach Flower Remedy for Doubtfulness

Bach Flower Remedy – Gentian

Gentian pic
Gentian pic reproduced by permission of the Bach Centre – 

Gentian can be taken when we are feeling doubtful, discouraged or even depressed about something specific.

Suffering a minor setback during convalescence or expressing pessimism about life is also an indication that Gentian may be required.

Spiritually, Gentian can help when there is an issue about lack of faith or trust in ourselves.

It can also be very supportive for anyone involved in a separation, divorce, death of a loved one or pet. Having to uproot or move house especially for old people can be eased with Gentian.

General dosage is 4 – 5 drops under the tongue at least 3 times a day, or whenever feeling discouraged, doubtful or depressed 

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